Rina Sjardin-Thompson

rina sjardin-thompson took up photography when she moved to the West Coast of the South Island, being totally awestruck with where she had chosen to live. Specialising in landscapes, she is just as comfortable doing family, equine, sports, weddings, maternity and commercial work enjoying each genre in its own right.

Sjardin-Thompson is 3 times New Zealand Geographic published with newspapers, journals and magazines regularly sourcing her work. Successfully running workshops for beginners, sharing her method of photography using the old adage K.I.S.S. all without the use of Photoshop, preferring to keep her work "basic and simple, allowing the landscape to speak for itself".

Many large format canvasses and images are purchased and sent all over the world and she herself now travels the country, following the invitations of work gathering landscapes on the way. You can follow her on her journey via her Facebook account which is now considered her office!